ISS Usage

In this section, we are going check out the organization of the Information Self-Service web application. Let's take a look at the main page (the workspace) shown after the login form:

Left menu

  • Databases: contains information about the available databases of the connected user.
  • Saved Queries: shows the queries that the user has previously saved.

Right side of the screen

There are four tabs:

  • Summary: information about the database.
  • Associations: explore the different predefined associations between the business entities.
  • Search: the Self service Tool will search contents in the preconfigured index linking the results with the corresponding views.
  • Views: provides information about the different views the user has privileges to read.

    When clicking on a view, the Tool will display these tabs:
    • Summary: shows the name of the view, the description and the schema.
    • Query: allows to execute queries over the selected view.
    • Associations: displays the associations of the current view.
    • Lineage: shows a graph of the data sources and views used to build the current view. Clicking on a field will also display the data lineage for that specific field (all the views and data sources that participate in the creation of this field will be highlighted in green).
    • Search: allows searching on a specific view regardless of its fields or within a set field. Searches are performed with the configured index.

That's all!

The following section will show you how to discover data. Go for it!