Data Discovery

Denodo Information Self-Service Tool

The Denodo Information Self Service Tool (ISS) is a solution that allows business users to search and browse information and metainformation stored in a Denodo Virtual DataPort server. In addition to that, users can create their own queries to get the data.

With this tool, business users can generate new knowledge, understand the semantics of the data, explore information independently of the silo where it is stored and discover new relationships between pieces of data that were thought as not related (in order to take better business decisions).

What are you going to see in this tutorial?

  • For Denodo Administrators: how to configure the ISS Tool.
  • For Data Analysts / Business users: how to use the ISS Tool.

Let's suppose the following scenario for this tutorial:

“Outdoor Sports” is a worldwide company that distributes outdoor materials for those people who love practice sports in the nature. This company is currently implanted in several countries in North America and Europe. There are sales representatives for each of these countries and a global Chief Sales Officer.

Due to the configuration of roles and permissions, each sales rep can only access the data related to their area (North America or Europe), but the Chief Sales Officer has access to the worldwide data.

You are going to see how the CSO is going to use the ISS tool to browse through the data.

With this scenario in mind, in this tutorial we will use Denodo to learn how to: