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Installation & Bootstrapping - Pre-installation requirements

This section, Installation & Bootstrapping, shows the prerequisites to start using Denodo and instructions for configuring your Denodo environment and starting to play with Data Virtualization.

Product Version Notes
Denodo Platform 8.0 Go to and download the installer and license
MySQL 5.0 or higher

You will need MySQL (or any other relational database) to store some of the data sources used in the tutorial. You can download it from here:

MySQL Connector/J 5.0 or higher

This is the JDBC driver that will enable Denodo to connect to MySQL:

MySQL Workbench 5.0 or higher

These are useful tools you might want to use with MySQL but are not strictly necessary for the tutorial:

Denodo Tutorial Files -

Download and extract the contents of the compressed Tutorial files into a convenient local directory, which will be referred to as <tutorial_directory> throughout this guide.