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Advanced Operations - Tree View

In the previous section, you saw how to create new derived views by combining other views. Once you start combining views the complexity of the new views will grow and it will be useful to visualize how those views are built. For this, you have the Tree View functionality.

In the Simple Derived Views section, you created the personal_data_crm view using two join operations over several base views. To see the Tree View you have to right-click on the view name and select Tree View (see image below).

Tree view of client_complete

In the tree view you can see how the view has been created. In this example, you can see that the view personal_data_crm is created as a join Join icon between three views: client, address and client_type.

At the same time that the join is performed, a projection Projection icon operation takes place because only a subset of fields is projected.

In addition to the general overview, you can see the details of the different operations involved in the creation of the view as well as the data sources and wrappers information by clicking on the different elements.

For instance, clicking on a join icon will display information about the join type, method used and the join condition.

Tree view of client_complete

If you want to save a snapshot for documentation purposes just click on the download image button.