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Connecting from your application - Index

In previous sections, you created several views with Denodo to allow client applications to retrieve the information directly from the Denodo server. In particular, you have created the view 'amount_due_by_client' which combines data from several sources and exposes the information about the billing balance of a company's clients.

You already know how to execute queries over that view, but now it's time to connect to the Denodo server from your external applications. Denodo Platform is based on a client-server architecture, where clients issue requests to the server. These requests can be sent using one of the following interfaces:

  • JDBC: Denodo provides its own JDBC driver.
  • ODBC: Denodo provides an ODBC interface (requires the installation of additional components).
  • ADO .Net: Denodo is compatible with the Npgsql ADO.Net provider for PostgreSQL.
  • RESTful Web service (XML, JSON, HTML outputs): useful for applications that cannot use the JDBC or ODBC interfaces to connect to Denodo.

In this section, you will see several ways to access Denodo from external applications: