Search for data using Google-like queries

Data Catalog

We can now use the Index feature to explore data using the Content Search function.

Indexed View Exploration

  1. In the Data Catalog, navigate to the Search page, and select the following options:
    • Data type: Content (this option appears only after configuring the index following the steps of the previous section)
    • Database: tutorial
    • View: client
  2. Type James into the search field and hit Enter to run the search: search_menu_search
  3. The search will return all Content that includes the string James. Click the Arrow Icon next to the view name in order to expand the results to show the field that matches the search. search_menu_results
  4. You can also click the Client view name and navigate to the Search tab, which will now allow you to search the index directly: view_search_tab
  5. For example, we can now search Jack, and the results from the Index are returned. view_search_results view_index_details


Completed! In the next section we will explore the features of the Data Catalog View metadata.