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Workload Management

Real environments have multiple consuming applications that have varying workloads and usage patterns. All of them will have their corresponding service level objectives or SLAs, so it's very important to define workload management plans in the data virtualization layer in order to ensure that SLAs are consistently met.

Denodo Platform provides mechanisms for limiting the maximum used resources in the overall server, including:

  • Limiting the number of concurrent queries, and queuing the rest. This avoids flooding the system with an excessive number of requests.
  • Limiting the number of concurrent connections received in Denodo from a certain published data service.
  • Limiting the number of concurrent connections that Denodo sends to a data source or to the cache.
  • Timeout configurations to avoid slow data sources or cache accesses to provoke accumulation of queued requests.

Besides that, Denodo Platform allows managing (and limiting if needed) the memory consumed by the execution of a particular view. This can be done through the max.memory and swapping settings of the view. It is also possible to set a global memory limit for the execution of any query in the server or in a particular Virtual DataPort database. This provides a simple and general setting to guarantee no query can monopolize server resources

Denodo Platform 8.0 extends and simplifies resource management capabilities with the Resource Manager: a UI-based tool included in the Web Design Studio to enforce workload management policies (plans and rules) for dynamically limiting the usage of resources in function of priorities.

Using the Resource Manager, administrators can create a full set of rules which will allow them to dynamically assign resources (CPU, memory, priority) to queries based on criteria such as business priorities. For example, based on the role of the user executing the query or the type of client used to connect to Virtual DataPort.

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Denodo Administrators will find how to use the Denodo's Resource Manager and see several examples of its usage:

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