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Automated LifeCycle Management - Solution Manager

Shall we consider a Scenario!! Here it follows!!

An IT consulting firm, a customer of Denodo, provides solutioning services to one of their esteemed customers with Denodo Platform from its older versions. They maintained several environments, namely, Development, Test and Production to handle their license files and code promotion activities in Denodo Platform.

Due to frequent and complex deployments across environments, they faced multiple challenges during the code promotions between environments.

Now, they have upgraded to Denodo 8.0 with newly introduced features in Solution Manager component that offers integrated monitoring tool to monitor any server in the organization, Automated Deployments, Single point of access, etc. Read the document New Features of the Solution Manager 8.0 to get an overview about the new features.

This tutorial assumes that Solution Manager and Denodo Platform 8.0 are already installed in your system. Read the document Ready to work with Denodo 7.0 to get an overview of the main installation topics.


Based on that scenario, in the next chapter, we will see how to configure Solution Manager for Denodo Platform 8.0 licenses management.