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Managing Denodo 8.0 licenses - Global license intallation

License Management

When it comes to License Management in Solution Manager, it is very important to understand the purpose of the Denodo global license that was newly introduced in Denodo Platform 7.0 to minimize the cumbersome activity of installing new licenses on multiple machines of the organization’s Denodo infrastructure.

Solution Manager offers a global mechanism to manage all licenses by introducing the Denodo global license and the Denodo License Manager server


A Denodo global license file is a multi-license file that defines all the different license scenarios, each of which has its individual features and restrictions. For example, the Production environment with the features of the production environment (number of servers, maximum number of cpus, etc.), other environments like QA/Staging and Development with their own restrictions and so on.

The Denodo License Manager server is a centralized location from where the rest of Denodo Platform 8.0 servers could obtain their license and renew it periodically. Denodo License Manager will have the global license installed and grants the license to Denodo servers as per its scenario assigned on the environment.

Now, let us go through the steps involved in installing a global license.

Denodo License Installation

A Denodo global license can be installed in the following two methods:

  • During the installation of Solution Manager: while installing Solution Manager, you can set up the license by browsing through the license file path available in the local machine.
  • After the installation of Solution Manager: the license can be installed after logging into the Solution Manager Administration Tool by following the below steps:
    1. Login to Solution Manager Administration Tool. The home page appears as below:
    2. From the Menu bar, Navigate to Licenses > Install License tab. A Pop-up window appears so that you can drag and drop the license file or browse from your local machine.

Now that we have installed the global license, environments, clusters and servers could be created in the Solution Manager Administration Tool

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