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Automated LifeCycle Management

Hello!! Welcome to this tutorial about the new Denodo Solution Manager so let's start with a brief introduction about it.

Solution Manager is a new component which has been introduced in Denodo Platform 7.0


Solution Manager offers automated lifecycle management solutions to customers by providing a new level of control to increasing complex implementations that are now common in modern organizations. It supports multiple environments from development through production, multiple clusters comprising of individual servers within those clusters and tools to simplify DevOps tasks with continuous delivery of agile development lifecycle.

Regardless of the number of installations and individual developer implementations, all Denodo Platform servers will be provisioned a license from a single License manager component of Solution Manager. This makes the administrator's job easier to manage the licenses that are assigned to various servers within the organization from a centralized management console by integrating with organization’s version control system.

The recommended Archiecture of a Solution Manager in an organization is as follows:

Recommended architecture for a Denodo deployment in an organization

Recommended architecture for a Denodo deployment in an organization

This tutorial will help you to understand the following concepts of Denodo Solution Manager:

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