Denodo University Challenge

Unleash Your Data Integration & Management Skills!

Welcome to the Denodo University Challenge! Are you ready to showcase your data expertise? This exciting challenge is designed to test your skills, ignite your creativity, and propel you into the world of data management. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey that will set you apart from the rest.

The Denodo University Challenge invites students to solve real-world data integration, combination and visualization problems using Denodo's cutting-edge data virtualization technology. Over the course of the challenge, you'll tackle a compelling problem statement and leverage Denodo Express to create innovative solutions.

The challenge is exclusively for university students.

Groups of 1 to 3 students


Challenge phases

Challenge encompasses the typical phases in a data project: Integrate, Manage, and Deliver, each presenting distinct tasks and evaluation criteria to assess participants' data integration, management, analysis, and reporting capabilities.
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Integrate Phase

Participants will use Denodo Express' Design Studio to connect provided challenge datasets and additional researched datasets. Apart from creating data source and base views for each dataset, these views need to be combined with relational algebra operations like join, group by, and projections to create the final views.

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Manage Phase

Participants should consider both process efficiency and security/data governance for those views using Denodo Express' Design Studio. By prioritizing these factors, participants can enhance their operations, protect valuable data, and minimize risks.

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Deliver Phase

Participants will utilize the final views generated from the previous phases to extract valuable information and solve the challenge problem. They are encouraged to demonstrate their data analysis and visualization skills through custom views, as long as to provide adequate justification.

The focus of evaluation will be on participants' data management competency and their ability to interpret and explain the obtained results. The evaluation will take into account documented steps, process efficiency, combination, and the integration of both predefined and participant-added datasets.

Submission Details

Check the requirements and guidelines for participants to submit their work in the Denodo Community Site at the conclusion of the challenge. The specific submission requirements will be published along with the Challenge information.

Prizes and Recognition

Prizes are awarded to the three top-performing teams and to the university that presents the highest number of teams.

Get Ready

We wanted to remind you can prepare for the challenge in advance.

To learn how Denodo will benefit you, you can take a look at the Data Virtualization for dummies e-book.

How that will be done? We recommend downloading Denodo Express and start playing with it. You can use these basic tutorials:

Use this collection of videos that cover a variety of key topics. They will provide you with additional ideas and essential strategies when working with Denodo Express:

Please, read this KB articles from the community site to complete your preparation:

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