Starting the Denodo Server


Date: 12-01-2017 |  Duration: 02:57

Denodo is the leader in data virtualization providing agile, high performance data integration, data abstraction, and real-time data services across the broadest range of enterprise, cloud, big data, and unstructured data sources at half the cost of traditional approaches. Denodo’s customers across every major industry have gained significant business agility and ROI. This series of video tutorials will cover important concepts and features of data virtualization using Denodo Platform. In this video you will: - Familiarize yourself with Denodo Platform Control Center - Learn about Virtual DataPort - Learn to start the Virtual Data Port Server - Learn to launch the Administrative Tool - Familiarize yourself with Denodo Server Explorer - Familiarize yourself with View Navigation - Learn to execute a Basic Query For more information visit us at: Or contact us at: | Join our community:


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